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those things you might also need...

Life's little luxuries, or essential accessories.. define them as you will! We can supply all of the below in addition to your camper hire. Some come with a fee, but others are free of charge and there for asking. It goes without saying all campers come with cutlery, crockery, a first aid kit and wheel change kit... for the full list of standard items, check out the VANS page (as they have different bits and bobs inside each one!).

cab hammock for toddler sleeping or night storage £5

bike rack £2.50

child safety seat free (please check first to see if ours are suitable for your child)

frozen ice pack £2

sat nav £10

board game compendium free

football / frisbee / bat / balls free

boules game free

bedding £5

towels £3

awning (with sleeping pod for double bed) £20

torches free

selection of books free

Bat detector for wildlife spotting £10

binoculars £10


Or if there is something else you would like help with locating for your holiday, just contact us and we will see what we can arrange to help you to have the best holiday you've ever had!



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